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Imagine a relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating dental experience that feels like a VIP encounter at a peaceful spa. We love to surprise with positive affirmations, aromatherapy, a drink bar, noise cancelling headphones, essential oils, calming care, and a blissful ambiance that stays with you long after you leave.

Passionate & Inspiring

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Dr. Ashley Fagan was born in the DC area, but her father’s military career gave her the unique opportunity to live in and experience many different places growing up. She is a passionate student of life and dentistry. In 2018, she completed her first marathon and every year she invests hundreds of hours in advanced dental training. 

Near Northeast Washington dentist

“I believe people deserve a positive, calming, and gracious dental experience built on genuine compassion, VIP comfort, and inspired care. I love listening to people’s stories, making a difference in their lives, and developing authentic relationships.”

Dr. Ashley Fagan

Never Rushed

Near Northeast Washington dentist

We love to listen to your story, learn about your family, help you overcome fears, and inspire you to health and wellness in every area of your life. We are patient and attentive in a way that prioritizes people over everything else.

Comfortable Care

DENTIST Near Northeast Washington

Enjoy our exclusive Comfort Menu along with personalized smile care for the whole family. General, cosmetic, and restorative care including whitening, veneers, Invisalign®, and more. 

Luxe Club Membership

DENTIST Near Northeast Washington

Our Luxe Club Membership Plan will help you enjoy spa dental care with no deductibles, pre-authorizations, yearly maximums, waiting periods, hidden fees or exclusions for elective care.

felt like I was in a spa

“La Luxe Dental was such an inviting place. I walked in and felt like I was in a spa - relaxing music was playing, it smelled of eucalyptus essential oils, and I had access to a beverage bar. Other services offered include warm towels, music of your choice, tv, and more. I also love Dr. Fagan’s story. So awesome to see a young woman turning her dreams into reality.”

Kayla G.

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